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    Many years ago, I came across articles and cassette seminars by the Hohnbergers.  Immediately, I was drawn to these people.  Not because they were perfect but because they wanted so much to draw closer to Christ.  Their life seemed a fairy tale compared with what is “Normal” in society today.  It is a given that you will live in certain ways and work in certain ways and eat in certain ways.  But when you take a few minutes and look at what “Normal” is in our society, it is really scary.  The “Certain Ways” that everything is done and expected have given us a society in which we have no time for each other, for our children, for our spouse, and for our God.  That is considered “Normal”.  We eat in ways that is killing us.  We work and live in ways that stress us out and lead to burnout.   When I consider what I remember growing up compared to even today (and I am not that old), I am appalled at when society thinks is normal.  We haven’t had regular TV in years.  We have had Sky Angel (but even that has been disconnected for the last several months due to our construction project on our home).  Recently when we had to stay at a Hotel we watched the news.  I was appalled at the news and more so at the commercials.  I found the commercials so sensual, so blatantly self-centered and at times at almost pornographic.   Then we turned on a documentary channel only to find the most violent deed of teenagers exploited and showed.  We turned off the TV!! I can’t imagine that this is what our children are feasting on each day. 

     I realize more than ever that we as parents, need to make a difference in our lives.  We need to reach out and take of Christ like never before.  We need the time and space to grow into Christ and teach our children how to do so too.  I think that is why I have appreciated Jim & Sally so much over the years.  It hasn’t mattered to them that people thought they were nuts doing what they did.  It hasn’t mattered that society thinks it’s not normal.  They knew it wasn’t right.  They saw that they were losing their children, their marriage and their relationship to God and they didn’t like it. 

     We can highly recommend the Hohnbergers' books, not because they set out in five easy steps how to live the perfect life.  But, because they show how to come to God.  Once we find that relationship secure and in tune, we can accomplish anything by God’s grace.  These books have remained our best sellers, because what they share is what each of us truly desire and want.  And they expose their lives and share how you can find it too.

  ESCAPE TO GOD by Jim Hohnberger Jim and Sally Hohnberger were young, educated, owner of a successful business, a beautiful home, expensive vehicles, and had a great reputation in their church.  But underneath the veneer of success, Jim’s life was busied, pushed, and stressed.  His marriage was stale, his Christian experience was superficial, and he didn’t know his children.  Convinced that the pursuit of the “American Dream” was robbing them of an authentic walk with God, the Hohnbergers sold everything and set off for the Montana wilderness in search of an “Enoch experience.” What this family found forever changed their lives.  And yours could be next!  This book is more than an interesting story.  Much more!  It is not an exaggeration to say that the concepts presented in Escape to God are revolutionary.  The principle of soul surrender will inspire and challenge you to the very core of your being.  But if you’re hungry for authentic Christian living and desperate for God to do a new thing in your life, you’re ready for what this book has to say.  Must you sell everything and move to Montana in order to find what the Hohnbergers found?  No.  But as you take the experiences presented here and make them your own, you will learn to walk in god’s presence and develop a willingness to obey His voice no matter where you live.  Through Jim and Sally’s experience you will learn how less is more; how to make time for God and your family, and how to live every day, hour and moment to the glory of God.  $12.97

EMPOWERED LIVING by Jim Hohnberger – A Twelve week plan for improving your most significant relationships.  Most books don’t come with guarantees.  This one does.  Jim guarantees that if you read and actually implement the relationship principles in this 12 week plan, you will have a changed life, a changed marriage, and a changed family.  But you must work the plan!  Scores of Christians are discovering the power of the gospel in their everyday lives for the first time through Jim Hohnberger’s bestselling book, Escape to God. Now Jim takes the principles of walking with God he has learned and, through the testimonies of individuals he and his wife have counseled over the years, provides a practical plan for change in Empowered Living.  Each chapter uses a case study from Jim and Sally’s counseling files to illustrate a relational problem and solution.  There are goals as well as daily prayer and reflection activities to help you practically apply the princi9ples gleaned from the case studies to your situation.  If you see problems in your life without a lot of solutions, rejoice because God has a solution for you.  “All of us”, says the author, “ are batteryless toys . . . but we can become empowered.  We can live an empowered life, acquire empowered marriages, and enjoy empowered families.  It has worked for others and it will work for you as well.  The choice is yours.”Make a prayerful, daily application of the principles and tools in these pages for the next 12 weeks, and you will experience a new walk with God and a new way of life.  Guaranteed. $13.97

  IT’S ABOUT PEOPLE by Jim Hohnberger – How to treat others, especially those we disagree with, the way Jesus treats us.  What’s a conscientious Christian with high biblical and moral standards to do with those who see things differently?  Bible-Thump them with the truth until they see it our way, right? That’s  how Jim Hohnberger used to do it.  That is, until he received anew view of Jesus’ suffering at the hands of a murderous crowd on the way to Calvary.  In a moment of loving rebuke and insight, Jim got the message that there’s more to being a follower of Christ than pointing out error and being right.  It’s about people!  In what may be his most important book yet, Hohnberger attempts to reconcile the faith we preach with the gospel we live – when we disagree.  With honesty and sincerity born out of his own sometimes painful experience, Jim shows how Jesus’ attitude and approach toward those who didn’t receive Him, was just as important as the truth He taught.  If you have ever felt the heartache of rejection because you saw things from a different perspective; if you have ever been the one to wound someone else in your zeal to uphold truth; if you value people above policy or politics, this book is for you.  This book will change forever the way you see the people around you.  It’s an extremely important read!!!  $9.97

  COME TO THE QUIET by Jim Hohnberger. Those who have read Jim’s other three books know that his books are fantastic reads.  This book is the story that Escape to God (Jim’s 1st book) left out.   It’s about how a fragmented family found God and each other.  And how you can too.  Several years after writing about his family’s move to the wilderness in Escape to God, Jim Hohnberger realized there was more to tell.  Scores of people who have read his books and listened to his talks have wondered  how they could escape the treadmill and find what the Hohnbergers found.  In response, Jim has written Come to the Quiet – a book that calls for a change of heart and focus, more than just a change of address.  Don’t be fooled.  Come to the Quiet is not about salvation by country living. Rather, it is a book about reordering priorities and turning down the volume of busyness, hustle, and hurry so we can connect with God and our families in a way that makes us truly come alive.  Along the way are plenty of humorous and touching stories not told in his previous books, of the trials and tribulations this real-life wilderness family endured to secure a lifestyle they believed God called them to experience.  Fantastic Read.  Our Price $12.97

 PARENTING BY THE SPIRIT by Sally Hohnberger – Raising godly children in a godless world.  Yes, you can be the parent God designed you to be.  “Lord, I blew it again!  I’m making a mess of raising my children when I really want to do what’s right.  Maybe someone else would do a better job of raising them. I’m so depressed I’m ready to give up” – so Sally shared with the Lord one stressful day.  Ever been there?  Sure you have, and so has Sally Hohnberger.  Armed with scriptures such as “children, obey your parents” this young Christian mother had high ideals and lofty goals for raising orderly, obedient children.  But instead of molding her boys into the image of Christ, her increasing harshness and anger was driving them into a spirit of rebellion.  She wanted to quit, but God had something wonderful to show her.  Parenting by the Spirit is not your typical book on child-rearing. You won’t find the latest behavioral science techniques or talk-show psychology here.  What you will find is an entirely new and surprising way to parent – by the spirit!  Known for speaking on family issues in partnership with her husband, Jim, Sally has put her experiences and the parenting techniques she has learned – from her knees – into print.  The result is a refreshingly practical and spiritual approach that helps you discover the greatest secret to winning the hearts of your children – your own vital connection with Jesus.  If you’ve tried and failed to live to your own and everybody else’s unrealistic expectations, and are willing to follow God’s plan, this book will show you how to be the parent He designed you to be.  A mother of two God-fearing men, Sally Hohnberger travels the globe with her husband, Jim, presenting seminars on family life and authentic Christianity. Through Empowered Living Ministries the Hohnbergers have presented God’s Word in nearly every state and in thirteen countries.  I like this book – but it isn’t cookie cutter shaped.  It teaches you how to find God, so you can find peace, strength and wisdom to raise your children for Him.  $11.97

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