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Jotham's Journey


A Storybook for Advent

by  Arnold Ytreeide

     Jotham's Journey is an incredible family read for Christmas time.  Each night you share a portion of the story with your family.  And each nightly reading leaves you hanging ready for the next night's passage.  Follow Jotham's Journey , a story of a young boy, separated from his family by his neglect and selfish attitude.  This separation leads him on a journey to find his family.  Will he ever find his family again?  Hold your breath when Jotham faces thieves, robbers, and kidnappers.  Rejoice in his encounters with wise men, shepherds, and innkeepers until at last he finds his way to the Saviour born in Bethlehem.
     Jotham's Journey is more than just a nice storybook for Advent.  Sidebars about Advent help readers understand the historical and spiritual significance of the beautiful Advent/Christmas Season.  Each installment of this easy-to-use Advent devotional includes:  A devotional thought; a prayer and instruction for lighting the Advent Candles along with the on-going story of Jotham's Journey.

      Your Family will be spellbound as you read this wonderful story and celebrate Advent together.

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Joan's Suggestions to use while reading this book:

     1. Make it special.  If you don't do Advent candles, at least burn a special Christmas Candle each evening as you gather around to read.

     2.  Get maps of the "Holy Lands".  Follow Jotham's travels on the map - this will enhance your child's understanding of the geography of the area.  It help a child understand the distance Mary & Joseph travelled to Bethlehem.  Talk about the different geographical areas that Jotham travels (i.e.:  dessert etc).

     3. Talk about the story.  Make practical applications to your daily life.

     4. Share the story with others.  It makes a great Christmas gift.  And the story makes one think - about Christ!

     5. Find a passage of scripture of from the book that your child can use as copywork.  You could also have your child tell you back the story (narrate) of the nightly reading.  You could type or write it out for them to make their own booklet or notebook.  They can draw pictures to accompany the story they have told you.

     6. Pray!  Pray that God will touch your hearts and make room for Christ.  Try to focus on Christ and not the glamor and glitz of the Holidays.  It's easy to get the wrong focus.

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