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This study comes from the Pathfinder Honor Guide. For more info on Pathfinders see bottom of this page. 

This is a fantastic study for learning how to tie knots properly.  It gives hands something worthwhile to learn and do.  This is such a valuable study for girls or boys. 

What I like about the Pathfinder Honors is that they not only lend themselves so wonderfully to making a good unit study, they make great extra-curricular activities and studies a child can do more or less on their own - by finding their own information for the questions, and using the book referenced below will help the child find the answers they need. It will also step by step in glossy pictures show how to do hands on any needed project.  The book referenced below was hand-picked just for this course of study to make it easier for the child and parent. 

1. What is a Quilt?  How is it used?

2. Who introduced quilts to North America?

3. What are three main fibers used in the interlining (middle layer) of
   a quilt?

4. What are two common types of quilts?  What is a crazy quilt?

5. What is the difference between yarn tying and quilting?

6. What are the steps in making a quilt?

7. Construct and finish a quilt, either as an individual or group project.

8. Develop a file of at least six quilt patterns, including two patchwork
   and one on a patriotic theme.


Visit a museum or fair or quilt guild showing/displaying quilts. 

Find references in early American History about quilting and share how important quilting was.  Discover what types of fabrics were used and why.

Make a quilt based on a theme (i.e. Bible Story, flowers, birds, Little House on Prairie, etc. 

Make a quilted vest  or pillow.


A complete guide to quilting, patchwork and appliqué, with more than 140 practical projects: quilts and throws, cushions, clothing, and accessories for every room and for beginners to experienced needlecrafters.  Easy to follow step-by-step instructions, complete with charts and templates, and more than 700 specially commissioned photographs.  Clear advice on techniques, using and creating templates, planning designs, and tools and materials.  Inspirational designs for quilts and throws, bed and table linen, clothing, and accessories for every room in the house.  Featuring four popular themes and styles: Country, Historic, Ethnic and Contemporary.  A fantastic resource that is wonderful for this study and for use in the future projects.  Hardback.  Order Now $14.97

This honor is from the Pathfinder Honor Guide.  Pathfinders is a club that is for both boys and girls ages 10 -16 or so - similar to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.  Pathfinders is a Christian Service Based organization for teens.  Their honors are wonderful for unit studies.    Find more information about Pathfinders at:

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