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I've always liked the fall time of year.  The leaves turning color.  The air fresh and crisp.  The harvests of pumpkins, squash, corn and other good things.  The days picking apples and turning them into the most delicious sauce!  The hot days of summer have faded into the more routine, cooler days of Autumn.  Seize these days before they slide into winter and enjoy a myriad of activities and books with your children.

  This time of year is always a great time to study about the pilgrims, indians, and early settlers.  Because their lives revolved around so many interesting activities, it is so much fun to include a few fun, educational projects.  Below you will find links to some websites to learn about different activities and also some other ideas and books.  Enjoy them!!  And enjoy your children!!  They are only little once!!!

     We always enjoy either picking or buying different varieties of apples each fall.  We make several trips to enjoy the fresh, crisp flavors.  Making applesauce is fun and the taste is incredible - you'll never want store bought again.  This time of year we enjoy apple pies, crisp, turnovers and just plain raw apples with a nice bowl of freshly popped corn.

      Want to learn how to make Apple head Dolls?  Check out these sites:
Applehead Dolls -
Applehead Dolls/Visual Arts Activities:

     Life Cycle of Apple Trees

     Make an Apple Pizza:

      Apple Unit:

     Apple Picking Time Literature Unit:

    How to Make an Apple Pie & See the World Literature Unit:

    Books:  There are many good books on apples and Johnny Appleseed.  Check out your library.
The Life & Times of the Apple by Charles Micucci  is a neat book.

     Audio Tapes:  Your Story Hour Great New Stories Volume 3 has two stories of Johnny Appleseed (along with stories of Sacagawea & others).  That is a wonderful set to have this time of year.

     Making pumpkin pie from scratch is a wonderful project for children.  They can help scoop out the seeds from a real pumpkin (then roast them) and cut up the flesh into pieces to cook down to make their own pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin unit/activities:


Native Americans show how to make Cornhusk dolls:


Courage of Sarah Noble Literature Unit:
Sign of the Beaver Literature Unit:

 ~Check out our Used/Bargain books pages for useful books on colonial times, pilgrims, early settlers, Native Americans, crafts and many other areas that make any topic studied come to life.

We pray that this page has been helpful to you in finding some fun, educational things to do with your children.  We hope to create more useful pages in the future.  If this page has been a blessing to you, please tell others about our website.  Thank you for sharing about us with others.  You are our best form of advertising.  As families support us by making purchases through our ministry, we are able to create more useful units, literature studies and activity pages.

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