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   To do Bible Marking you just really need only a few basic things. You can use any Bible that has any space at all for writing, though, a Wide Margin Bible works the best. Bible or Religious stores carry special Bible marking pens and pencils. I have seen at Walmart pens that are used in doing Photo scrapbooks and these work okay. Basically all you do is pick a subject and find verses There are some books out on Bible marking. But you can develop your own topics by going through a Strong's Concordance and finding verses related to your study.

     Basically, you start out on an empty page in the back or front of your Bible and write the Title or Topic of your study -for instance the one below is Honesty - so I write the word Honesty and then in parenthesis I write (H3) for an abbreviation of this study (as I have other studies that begin with "H") then I write the first text after this - which in this study is Exodus 20:15&16 (I write as small as possible ( H3 - Ex. 20:15&16). I turn to Exodus 20:15&16 and read it over with the chidren discussing what it means and then we underline it and write the next verse in the margin by the text underlined -which is Proverbs 12:17 (I write out: H3 - Pr. 12:17).  We go to this text and read & discuss and then underline and then write the next text and so forth.

     Sometimes, it can be difficult for a child to write small enough. Be patient and not critical - it's just important that they love the Word of God and find enjoyment in doing Bible Marking. If they ask, I write it for the children. My children received beautiful Wide Margin Bibles for Christmas from Grandma. This was the greatest gift she could've given them. They cherish them. We bought the children Bible covers with pockets and pencils & pens to mark their Bibles.

One thing that is so important is to start any study of the Bible with prayer. We need the Holy Spirit to guide our minds in our study. Before we open the Word of God we ask for the Divine Enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

Below is a SAMPLE :


Exodus 20:15 & 16
The ten commandments forbid taking something that is not yours. Telling a lie is like taking someone's trust and stealing it - because they trust you and you lied. This commandment includes stealing information. You are bearing a false witness when you hand in homework or tests as your work, when it isn't (it's lying).

Proverbs 12:17 (Pr.12:17)
How can we witness for Jesus when our praise tongue is also our lie tongue. (it may be well to look up the verse about trying to serve two masters).

Proverbs 14:25 (Pr.14:25)
Jseus calls lying treacherous. "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". I tried to help the children understand how we weave webs that eventually choke us and lying is one of the worst.

Mark 7:22 (MK 7:22)
If we are still lying and practicing deception, we have not allowed Jesus to wash us clean! Lying makes our hearts dirty and they need cleansing which can only come from Jesus.

John 8:44 (Jn. 8:44)
Satan is the father of lies. If we lie we are allowing satan to be our ruler and leader. And we want Jesus to be our leader - so we need to choose Jesus! And ask forgiveness when and if we lie.

Jeremiah 17:9 & 10(Jer. 17:9 & 10)
Our own nature is deceiful, but Jesus can change our sin sick hearts! By nature we may tempted to lie but we can choose Jesus.

Proverbs 30:8 (Pr. 30:8)
Pray that God will cast lies from your heart. This is pray that we can pray and claim - as there is Power in the Word.

Romans 1:28 -32 (Rom. 1:28-32)
God lists lying along with mrder and hatred against Him. Sometimes we don't understand how bad sin is and we need to see it as Jesus does - but we shouldn't despair - we have Jesus on our side. If we are doing wrong, Jesus is our Friend and Savior and "if we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from it". This is so important to stress. (you may choose to mark that verse in your study too).

Zephaniah 3:13 (Zeph. 3:13)
God's children will speak the truth and truth will be in them. We are God's children. Jesus loves us and wants us to choose Him.

At the end of the Study after we mark the last verse there in Zephaniah we write in the margin H3 - End!

There are really so many Bible Studies that can be marked in your Bibles.

We hope you enjoy this and use this as an idea for your own. In the near future, I will add another one or two.

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