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About Us

Growing a Strong, Christian Family

Welcome! We are the LaCelle Family. We are so glad you stopped by for a visit. Please sit down and enjoy some Christian fellowship.

Maybe you are like us! You are homeschooling and feel God has led you to do this. Maybe God has been prodding your heart, like He has ours. Nudging us closer to His idea of what Education is. And aren't there so many forms of Education out there? Only as we pray can we truly know what God wants for our particular family. And that is just the special blessing of homeschooling! We can make it so individualized.

We believe that the reason there are so many families in this period of history homeschooling is that God has His Omnipotent Hand in it. He is longing to get a people ready to meet Him when He comes again. His coming must be soon. And to get people ready, what better place to start than with Education.

Our ideas of Education have changed over the last five years of homeschooling. Daily we see more clearly that while the subjects of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are very important, there is something so much more vital to our children's future . . . their Characters! Character Building is really a lost art. It's challenging! But it is rewarding!

If God has led us to homeschool and work in the lives of our children, He will be faithful to carry us through.


Everytime we come across a spiritually uplifting book, tape or other find, we want to share it with everyone we meet. That has led us to start a ministry. We want our ministry to serve homeschoolers and those who "homeschool" their children even though they attend a regular school.

We want to make available to others things that:
  • will spiritually enrich their homeschooling & family life.
    • will make learning happen a bit more effortlessly.
    • you know are "whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are true, honest . . ."
    • make a difference in helping your children understand the character the Lord wants them to possess.

    Over the past few years we have offered to homeschoolers our service of time to order Your Story Hour and Pilgrim's Progress Tapes at a very discounted price. The response from this has placed on our hearts a desire to provide other things we have found that will bless your family. And we want to do this at a discounted price. We will always try to do our best to offer good things and good prices - but we can't always guarantee everything will be deeply discounted.

    If you appreciate our ministry and feel we offer things that are beneficial to your family - you can support us by purchasing the products we offer that would bless you!  We aren't the largest company out there servicing homeschool families but we care deeply about families that are choosing to lay aside their own "selves" to train and homeschool their own children.  It is our prayer that we can always be a blessing by serving you!!

    WHAT WE DO . . .

    About every 4 weeks we will put out a Homeschool Newsletter (with encouragement, tips and information) & a sales flyer that we will send  through email . The flyer will offer different things you can purchase during a particular time period. Things will change from flyer to flyer. Some items we will continue to offer and some as we find them may only be for a time or two.

    We offer SALE materials for a specified time period. We also have an online catalog that you may want to browse. The Sales flyers are just an extra blessing!!

    WE PRAY . . .

    that this is a blessing to you. We want to serve you and if you have ideas of things you feel others would find helpful, share your ideas. We will look into possibly making them available.

    We want to make available to you the things that are often the "extras" that you can't afford to purchase. These "extras" we have found are really some of the best learning tools we have purchased.

    We are "investing" in the characters of our children. And we believe in faith (because we don't often see it at the moment), that we will reap a rich harvest from our investment of time and love!

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    If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive our free email homeschool newsletter/sale flyer monthly, just email us at:

     subscribe [AT]

    For questions or comments please email or snail mail at the addresses below

    LaCelle Family, 9199 Howd Rd, Camden, NY 13316

    or email us.

    If you find our ministry to be a blessing to you and your family, please share us with a friend!

    "Now, Unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy" Jude 24

    Thanks for sharing a few moments with us! May God Bless you and Keep you in His Everlasting Arms of Love!

    Rob and Joan LaCelle & Family

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