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Bozra, A Shepherd's Journey A Journey To Jerusalem by Mac McCon
Bozra, A Shepherd's Journey A Journey To Jerusalem by Mac McConnell. There was a shepherd boy. Asleep on the job when the angels came to announce, the Messiah is born in Bethlehem. He missed it. His brothers and his father rush to see this great thing but Bozra begs off so he can tend the sheep and prove his manhood. When royalty pass through the family’s fields south of Bethlehem looking for the new king, Bozra begs to go with them. But Father says, “no Bozra, I’m sorry, you have work to do, someday.” But Bozra wonders if someday will ever come when his brother returns from Bethlehem having witnessed the slaughter of baby boys at the hands of the Romans. “Could they have killed Yeshua, Father?” He asked. “It would take a miracle for Yeshua to survive, my son.” Bozra prays for that miracle. Surprised by romance Bozra marries in the midst of tragedy when his father suddenly collapses. There comes children and flocks and spotless lambs, the business of Bethlehem. A visiting rabbi tells of a rebel rouser in Jerusalem, his name is Yeshua. Off to Jerusalem Bozra heads but Yeshua is not there. Bozra is too late. One day his wife’s cousin from Bethany tells of a man named Yeshua who raised Lazarus from the dead. Bozra needs to see for himself but Yeshua has gone. Bozra decides right then, “I will meet this Yeshua and make sure my family does too.” Finally reaching the holy city on Passover, Bozra's search comes to an end but his quest has just begun.

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Jan 18, 2018
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