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Brand New - Battered to Blessed by Brenda Walsh Recently, I heard Brenda share her personal story on Sky Angel. I was so blessed by her openness. I knew as I heard her story that there might be many older teenage girls or mothers reading our newsletter that would love to read her story. I felt her story could help older teens realize the importance of wise decisions and the importance of obeying their parents directions. I thought also, that her story just might help any of us realize that no matter where we are in life – whether we’ve made mistakes, are in a bad marriage, or chosen to walk away from the Lord, that Jesus is ALWAYS waiting there to take our lives and transform them into blessings. That is what God did for Brenda.
As a busy nursing student and “Miss Kentucky” beauty contestant, Brenda, at age 18, had a promising future of success, love and happiness. One night Brenda met a tall, disarmingly handsome stranger. She was undeniably attracted to him but determined to hold true to her strict moral values. Brenda couldn’t have known that her bright future was about to take a dark and terrifying turn.
In shock and shame, Brenda found herself entangled in a web of deception and cruelty – trapped in a marriage to a man she hardly knew and didn’t love. Her husband’s rage and escalating violence threatened her very life and endangered the safety of her baby. As event spiraled downward into a pit of despair, from which there seemed no escape, Brenda cried out to God.
This is the gripping and powerful story of a woman that God has truly transformed. Battered to Blessed is Brenda’s amazing journey from pain to peace; and to loving again, trusting again, and living a whole new life of incredible joy in Jesus! Whatever you may be facing in your own life, Brenda’s story will inspire and encourage you to believe that God can bring beauty from the ashes of our painful pasts, and that He can make all things new.
Brenda made some serious mistakes. But as she allowed God to lead in her life, God brought many blessings. Brenda’s story isn’t one of perfection – you will see that even after God delivered her from an extremely abusive husband that she, at times, wavered in trusting God fully. Yet, what made her story so precious to me was that it was an honest portrayal of her choices and her continual stepping forward and learning each day to walk in the path that God had chosen for her!! Then what God has done with her life is even more miraculous. It is like reading one miracle after another. Whether you agree with the choices she made, how she came to learn to trust Jesus more and more – what you you will agree with is that God is working - and God is working with people who have made mistakes and people who are learning to have faith in God’s plan for their lives regardless who they are, where they are, what faith or nonfaith they are. God is longing to manifest Himself in people who submit to Him and given Him their hearts. Brenda did and it’s an amazing story!!!!

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Dec 11, 2017
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