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Brand New - Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl
I promise you if you read this book, it will change your life. This is a book every single Christian woman needs to read. Here is some more information on this important read. I only wish I had read it the before I got married because our culture encourages something so much different than what God has planned for us.
Discover How God can make your marriage glorious. Iíve always been blessed by Debiís honesty in her tapes and articles. But this book is soooo needed. Itís very candid and open. I have been so blessed by this book. I appreciate so much Debi saying it the way it is. We need to hear it and we need to respond. I am not sure if you are aware or not but the divorce rate in the Christian church isnít much better than the world. In fact, I heard that it is the same or possibly alittle higher right now. That is a very sad commentary!! And it is a poor witness to the world. This is not the way God intended for marriage to be. He longs for us as women to take back our true place in the home and the marriage. YES!!! We hold in our hands the vast majority of time, the ability to make a difference. No, we cannot change our husbands (that is God's job) but we CAN make a difference that may be the catalyst that allows the Holy Spirit room to work in our homes, families and husbands. I thank Debi for writing this book. I do not see everything just the way Debi does, but I do believe that she is on the right track. MUST READING!!!!! (For more info see the review in the June 2005 LaCelle Family Newsletter). LIMITED TIME SPECIAL: FREE HOMESCHOOL AUDIO CD Ė ďBest Homeschooling IdeasĒ by Debi - FREE with purchase of Created to be Helpmeet Book. Debi shares in Best Homeschool Ideas a myriad of practical ways to educate without spending much money. Itís an audio presentation Iíve returned to over and over during our Homeschool Journey. Simple, fun refreshing, practical information to breathe life into education. Donít miss this opportunity to learn time saving, simple techniques in education frombestselling author and homeschool mother, Debi Pearl - ORDER NOW!!! OFFER ENDS June 10th 2008!!

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Feb 17, 2018
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