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Cantering The Country
Cantering The Country - Saddle up your horses and strap on your thinking caps! Learning geography is an adventure! And it’s not just about memorizing facts. Geography ties together all disciplines of learning in one fascinating package. From the authors who brought you Galloping the Globe, we are pleased to offer its U.S. counterpart, Cantering the Country. This unit study course teaches a wide range of academic and spiritual disciplines using the geography of the U.S.A. as a starting point. Learn about each state—its geographic features, its history, and its interesting characters—and tie in language arts, Bible, science, and civics at the same time. With this course, you won’t have to put aside one subject to make time for another. They’re all connected! This comprehensive unit study, which can be used for all children in Grades 1-6, takes three years to complete, and includes all subjects except math and spelling. Learn science by studying the state flowers, trees, animals, and birds. Cover language arts as you read literature set in each state. Build character by learning to apply the principles of the preamble to the constitution of each state. Bring history alive with the stories of famous people, founding fathers, and Native American groups from around the country. At the end of the course, your child will have a head full of knowledge, and a notebook that he or she has created, full of wonderful information and fun memories. One of the greatest features is the excellent book list provided for each state. This valuable information can be used for years to come for any study of U.S. geography or history. Many recommended books are available from the library. A few are used repeatedly throughout the year. In addition to the 250 page book, you will receive a CD-ROM packed full of reproducible outline maps and activities. Two to four activities per state include word searches, crossword puzzles, find the twin, state maps, and other fun puzzles dealing with subjects relevant to each state.

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Feb 17, 2018
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