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DHEA PLUS CREAM - Key Ingredients are: Natural DHEA, aloe Vera, Vitamin E, MSM, & Primrose Oil. DHEA is produced naturally in the body by the adrenal glands and is the sole precursor and regulator for the natural production of every steroid and sex hormone in the body. In other words, without ample amounts of DHEA, the body may not be able to produce healthy levels of all other hormones it needs for a healthy life. The amount of DHEA the body produces drops dramatically as people age. When the average person reaches 70 years of age, their body is producing only 10% of the DHEA it was at 25 years of age. This is why many medical researchers believe that regaining younger levels of DHEA is an important step in the area of natural anti-aging. New research suggests that increased levels of DHEA plays a role in treating cardiovascular (heart) disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and memory dysfunctions (memory loss). DHEA may also enhance the body's immune system response to viral and bacterial infections. Because of the fact that high levels of DHEA are produced at younger ages, it is believed that a DHEA supplement can contribute to increased muscle strength and tone. In the area of weight control, DHEA has thermogenic properties that cause a person's metabolism to accelerate, so fat is burned for energy rather that stored. 2 oz pump - with about 30 days worth of applications.

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Dec 14, 2017
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