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Empowered Living by Jim Hohnberger [BRAND NEW]
Wonderful resource - share it together with your spouse and then your family. This is a book that in 12 weeks (reading and applying the practical tips) one week at a time will tremendously change your life. The book helps you see that we need to be "plugged in" (to Christ) in order to live an empowered life. It also gives you information and practical ideas on how to make necessary changes. Your life will never be the same again. Most books don't come with guarantees. This one does. Author, Hohnberger, guarantees taht if you read and actually implement the relationship principles int his 12-week plan, you will have a changed life, a changed marriage, and a changed family. But you must work the plan! Scores of Christians are discovering the power of the gospel in their everyday lives for the first time through his first book, Escape to God. No Jim takes the principles of walking with God he has learned and, throught he testimonies of individuals he and his wife have known and encouraged over the years, provides a practical plan for change in Empowered Living. Each chapter uses personal experiences from people jim and Sally have known to illustrate a relational problem and solution. There are goals as well as daily prayer and reflection activities to help you practically apply the principles gleaned from these experiences to your situation. If you see problems in your life without alot of solutions, rejoice because God has a solution for you. "All of us," says the author, "are batteryless toys . . . but we can become empowered. We can live an empowered life, acquire empowered marriages, and enjoy empowered families. It has worked for others and it will work fo ryou as well. This is choice is yours." Make a prayerful, daily application of the principles and tools in these pages for the next 12 weeks, and you will experience a new walk with God and a new way of life. Guaranteed. Retails for $15.00

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Jan 21, 2018
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