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Mary Magdelene Audio Tapes [BRAND NEW]
THE STORY OF MARY MAGDALENE This tender audio novel explores the great conflict that rages in every soul and the disastrous consequences of failing to heed the still small voice of God. Please note: that while this audio is not offensive in content it is done in a very realistic style. It touches on some very serious moral questions which may spark some very deep conversations wtih your young people. This audio movie paints a picture of God's love that is tender and lovely beyond any you have ever heard. My personal feeling on these tapes is that, though, they can be listened to as a family (which we have done), they really are best used with children above age 12. I would highly recommend them for use with the Far Above Rubies and the similiar program for boys. The reason I say this is because, most of what is being portrayed in these tapes will fly over the heads of younger kids who are homeschooled and/or haven't been exposed to the "sex"of our culture. Please don't mistake me as saying these are gross or inappropriate. Certainly they are not. It is just my impression from listening to them with our children (at the time all under 10 yrs) that they didn't understand parts (because there are implications between the lines - that an older child can relate to and these will be helpful to them in seeing how we are subtlely drawn into sin by wrong associates and choices. An older child would just benefit more). They are done very well. And don't b surprised if it brings you to tears. 2 hours - 2 tapes - these tapes now come in a boxed set for more affordability.

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Jan 16, 2018
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