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Parenting by the Spirit Seminar 6 CDs - By Sally Hohnberger [BRA
“Lord I blew it again! I’m making a mess of raising my children when I really want to do what’s right. Maybe someone else would do a better job of raising them. I’m so depressed I’m ready to give up.”
Ever been there? Sure you have, and so has Sally Hohnberger. Armed with Scriptures such as “Children, obey your parents (Eph. 6:1),” this young Christian mother had high ideals and lofty goals for raising orderly, obedient children. But instead of molding her boys into the image of Christ, her increasing harshness and anger was driving them into a spirit of rebellion. She wanted to quit, but God has something wonderful to show her.
Parenting by the Spirit is not your typical book on child-rearing. You won’t find the latest behavioral science techniques or talk-show psychology here. What you will find is an entirely new and surprising way to parent - by the Spirit!
Known for speaking on family issues in partnership with her husband Jim, Sally has put her experiences and the parenting techniques she has learned- from her knees- into print. The result is a refreshingly practical and spiritual approach that helps you discover the greatest secret to winning the hearts of your children- your own vital connection with Jesus.
If you’ve tried and failed to live up to your own and everybody else’s unrealistic expectations, and are willing to follow God’s plan, this book will show you how to be the parent He designed you to be.

Parenting by the Spirit CD Companion - Messages Titles

Disc 1: "Embracing Gods Work"
Disc 2: "It Begins With Me"
Disc 3: "Going Up to the Mountain"
Disc 4: "Changing Masters"
Disc 5: "Bringing Our Habits to Christ"
Disc 6: "What is the Heart?"

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Jan 21, 2018
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