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Paula the Waldensian by Eva Lecompte [BRAND NEW]
Again another book that our family has thoroughly loved. The Waldensian people were a quiet, dedicated poeple who loved the Lord and people dearly. Paula's story will definitely minister to our need of a Savior and our response to act as "Jesus". Her life motto was to do unto others as Christ would have her too. Imagine the pain to have the burden of moving in to her Uncle's home after the death of her parents and to have that uncle refuse to let her pray and to take away her most valued possession - her Bible. This book will encourage you to live beyond the norm - in the Strength of Christ. Retail $7.00.

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Dec 14, 2017
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A Thousand Shall Fall by Susi Mundy
This is the electrifying story of a soldier and his family who dared to practice their faith in Hitler's Germany. Franz Hasel, a 40 yr. old pacifist, was drafted and assigned to Pioneer Company 699, Hitler's elite troops who built bridges at the front lines. more information
Knex Solar Energy Set.
This educational set, would be great for any
child who enjoys Knex. Your children will
learn about how solar energy works and
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