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Proof Positive by Dr. Neil Nedley HB PROOF POSITIVE by Neil Nedley MD Ė How to reliably combat disease and achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle. Dr. Nedley is a gastroenterologist. Iíve enjoyed watching him in interviews. His vast knowledge on health, aging, depression and lifestyle is amazing. This book is a textbook. No donít be scared. It is written for people like me to read, so youíll find it easy to understand, interesting and incredibly helpful. It is a hardcover Ė nearly 600 glossy, color pages filled with easy to understand text and loaded with pictures and graphics. Iím reading through this volume now and am enjoying it immensely. When my son is finished with his science this year, I plan to have him read this book for his next health/science course. This book could be used for a health/science course for high school or even 7th or 8th grade (if mom or dad is alittle more involved). It could be used as a family too Ė by reading snippets everyday. This book covers: principles of optimal health, Cancer: it can be prevented; heart disease: conquering the #1 killer; cleaning out blocked arteries, Truth about fish; One nation under pressure; great protein myth; the sugar and diabetes story; melatinon; animal diseases; milk; the frontal lobe; stemming tide of violence; stress without distress; aids and hiv; smoking; drinking; dealing with bad habits; nutrition; beyond the leading causes of disease; and then 10 separate appendixes of more information. AND this book is from a CHRISTIAN AUTHOR!!! That makes it even better. I plan to have my sons read this book so they will understand why it is important to take care of themselves and how to take care of themselves. This book is worth every penny. Retails for $67.00.

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Dec 14, 2017
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