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Your Story Hour Volume 1 CD [BRAND NEW]
These wonderful, fully-dramatized recordings bring the Bible to life by realistically portraying your favorite Old & New Testament stories. The famous men & women of the bible become real, flesh and blood people who laugh , cry, struggle and succeed. Designed for use by families of all Christrian faiths, these recordings are non-doctrinal and inter-faith in nature. The Greatest need in our world today is helping children develop good characters by opening their minds to the works of the greatest book ever written---- the Bible!

Volume 1.

~Adam and Eve-Story of creation & man's fall
~Cain and Abel-World's first murderer
~Noah-The man who believed what God said part 1 & 2
~The Temple Tower-Tower of Babel
~The Call of Abraham-God calls Abraham
~The Three Strangers-Heavenly messengers visit Abraham
~Sodom & Gomorrah
~The Supreme Test-Abraham & Isaac
~A Strange Romance-Isaac marries Rebekah
~The Unlike Twins-Jacob & Esau
~The Cheating Twin-Jacob story
~The Mystery Of The Disappearing Idols- Rachel steals Laban's idols
~The Case Of The Wrestling Twin-Jacob struggles with an angel
~The Coat of Many Colors-Joseph's special coat
~Mrs. Potiphar & The Dungeon-Joseph's imprisonment
~The King's Butler & Baker-Joseph interprets dreams
~The King & The Slave-Joseph made Prime Minister of Egypt
~The Unreasonable Prime Minister-Joseph's brothers go to buy food in Egypt
~The Governor's Mysterious Feast-Joseph entertains his brothers
~The Long Delayed Reunion-Joseph reunited with his father
~A Deliverer Is Born-Moses
~Moses Fulfills His Destiny-Moses receives assignment from God
~The King With The Heart Of Stone-Plagues fall on Egypt
~Miracles By The Sea-Red Sea divided

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Jan 18, 2018
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