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Your Story Hour Volume 2 Tapes [BRAND NEW]
These wonderful, fully-dramatized recordings bring the Bible to life by realistically portraying your favorite Old & New Testament stories. The famous men & women of the bible become real, flesh and blood people who laugh , cry, struggle and succeed. Designed for use by families of all Christrian faiths, these recordings are non-doctrinal and inter-faith in nature. The Greatest need in our world today is helping children develop good characters by opening their minds to the works of the greatest book ever written---- the Bible!

Volume 2.
Cassette Tapes.

~Dangers in the Desert- Israelites face dangers
~The Ten Commandments-Moses at Sinai
~Miriam The Great - Moses' sister becomes jealous
~The Man of Patience - Moses not allowed into Promised Land
~The Unfaithful Prophet part 1- Baalam employed to curse Israel
~The Unfaithful Prophet part 2-Baalam's plans defeated
~The Thief Who Defeated An Army- Achan
~The Longest Day in History-When the sun stood still
~Conquering Canaan- Joshua's leadership in establishing Israel
~Mighty Gideon- Gideon defeats the Midianites
~The Champion of Champions- Samson
~The Story of Ruth
~The Wayward Sons -Eli's wicked sons
~The Yougest Priest- Samuel's ministry as a child
~Two Battles at Aphek- Ark of the covenant captured
~The Tall , Strong and Handsome Young Man- Saul chosen as king
~Saul Saves a City- Saul battles the Ammonites
~The Crown Prince on a Secret Mission - Jonathan
~The Boy and the Giant- David & Goliath
~The Deadly Plot- Saul tries to kill David
~The Sword of Goliath- David seeks Samuel's help
~David Escapes - David escapes from Saul
~King Saul & a Cave- David spares Saul's life
~A Wicked Rich Man-Nabel

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Jan 19, 2018
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