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Your Story Hour Volume 7 CD [BRAND NEW]
Your Story Hour's Heritage of Our Country Series Album 7
America was built by our forefathers who possessed courage , dedication ,good character , and faith. This collection of fully-dramatized stories illustrates these attributes in action-packed stories about great people , some well known and others less celebrated . Your child will love this collection of adventures taken from the annals of history.
~In Album # 7~

~The Girl General-Joan of Arc (part 1)
~Joan & the Dwarf-Joan of Arc (part 2)
~The Valiant Stepmother-John Bunyan story
~Pilgrim's Progress -Christian's walk through life
~The Boy Becomes the Man - Albert Schweitzer (part 1 )
~Oganga's Home - Albert Schweitzer (part 2)
~The Changed Life -George Mueller (part 1)
~Man of Faith- George Mueller (part 2)
~The Angel of Crimea -Florence Nightingale
~The Man That Conquered Pain-Discovery of anesthesia
~Two Girls in One -Clara Barton (part 1)
~Angel of Mercy - Clara Barton (part 2
~Solving the Riddle -Louis Pasteur (part 1)
~Man Against Microbe - Louis Pasteur ( part 2)
~Mad Dogs- Louis Pasteur ( part 3)
~The Strange Case of Moody, Watch & Spy-Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell & his dog team
~Dwight L. Moody , God's Man ( part 1)-boyhood
~Dwight L. Moody , God's Man ( part 2)-Early years of an evangelist
~Dwight L. Moody , God's Man ( part 3)-Moody's preaching and later years
~Honest John- John Wanamaker-Honesty in business pays
~Carver's George-George W. Carver (part 1)
~Why the Paenut? George W. Carver (part 2)
~Suicide Mission-Keith Argraves (part 1)
~Prisoners of War- Keith Argraves (part 2)

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Jan 19, 2018
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