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Your Story Hour Volume 9 Tapes [BRAND NEW]

Your Story Hour's Adventures in Life Series Album 9 Tapes

These fully-dramatized recordings ,true to life, character-building adventures exemplify the high moral values so necessary for successful living. Your child will not easily forget the impression made and the lessons learned as they listen to these exciting stories, enabling them to build a foundation of spiritual sensitivity , high achievement, and responsible citizenship. Adventures in Life will capture the imagination and impart values to children of all ages.
~In Album #9~

~Uncle Jake- Kindly old man demonstrates faith
~The Stolen Book- Answered prayer
~Twentieth Century Hank vs. Medieval Mom-Generation gap
~Three Week's Notice - Keeping promises
~To Kill the Devil - Returning good for evil
~One Day at a Time - Marcie learns that too many calories equals too many pounds
~The Perfect Valentine - Thoughtfulness of senior citizens
~Footprints - Choosing your friends
~Chicken Charlie - Mistaken judgement
~Coal Oil Johnny - Deceitfulness of riches
~The Bluest Ribbon - Faithfulness rewarded
~Stolen Catcher's Mitt - Honesty
~Pine Trees & Pie Dough - Self reliance
~A Piece of String - Gossip & mistaken judgement
~Pa & the Violin - Overcoming difficulties
~Roses & Bluebells - Mother's Day; value of little things
~Polio/ See My Hands - Overcoming handicaps/Love in action
~Land of the Free - An immigrant's frustation in becoming a citizen
~Lone Way/ Why Lennie? -Temperance
~Too Soon/ Finders , Keepers - Obedience/ Honesty
~Mr. Touey/The Miller & The Indians - Regard for others/ Kindness rewarded
~Balto's Race of Life & Death/ Jon Goes Seal Hunting - Brave faitful dog/ Choosing life's occupation
~Runaway Christmas/ Irving & the Besetting Sin - Home is more than a house/ Price of disobedience
~The Little Lost Cat/ Ranger Learns Too Late - The cat that saved the train/ Playing with sin

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Dec 11, 2017
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