Originally published in the June 2005 LaCelle Family Newsletter

Do you want to give your husband the best gift you can give. I do!! Every year I think about what to give Rob. Tools? Ė The boys seem to lose them as quick as I can buy them Ė so they are always a gift Rob can use. Clothes? Yes, Rob needs those!! But I found an even greater gift this month. And I promise you that it is the best gift you can give your husbands too: YOURSELF!!!

Recently I was blessed to start reading Debi Pearlís newest book ďCreated to be His Help MeetĒ Ė Discover How God can make your marriage glorious. Iíve always been blessed by Debiís honesty in her tapes and articles. But this book is soooo needed. Itís very candid and open. I have been so blessed by just the few chapters I had read in the first few days. I devoured the book in a very short. I appreciate so much Debi saying it the way it is. We need to hear it and we need to respond. I am not sure if you are aware or not but the divorce rate in the Christian church isnít much better than the world. In fact, I heard that it is the same or possibly a little higher right now. That is a very sad commentary!! And it is a poor witness to the world.
Debi speaks openly about giving yourself to your husband. That isnít easy. She deals head on the challenge of giving yourself to your husband when he isnít perfect, when he fails, when he has been really wrong. Many times, when I have read Debiís articles, I somehow thought she must have been born on a sunny day. This woman canít be provoked, I thought. She shares candidly in the beginning chapters that that isnít so. She struggled with her mate too at times. She struggled to allow God to use her to make her marriage a blessing. And as I read, it made me realize yet again, that good marriages arenít happenchance, they are choices we make. I am sure Michael Pearl isnít Mr. Perfect. (I hope he doesnít read this!). I am sure he has made his share of mistakes. But itís encouraging to read Debiís thoughts on how she ministers to him. How she believes that God called her to be a help meet to Michael. That it really is a gift to give yourself to your husband.
I promise you if you read this book, it will change your life. This is a book every single Christian woman needs to read. Here is some more information on this important read. I only wish I had read it the before I got married because our culture encourages something so much different than what God has planned for us.
Somewhere over the passing years and changing culture, women have lost their way. This book is written to lead them back home. Regardless of how you began your marriage or how dark and lonely the path that has brought you to where you are now, I want you to know that it is possible today to have a marriage so good and so fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle!! Donít you want that??? I do!! I believe we all do. But with all the pop-psychology books available even in Christian circles, we believe many lies. Satan is very sneaky!!! But God holds out truth to us.

Debi says about her new book: ď It took four years, thousands of hours, many tears, revisions and distractions, but I finally finished my book. I had no idea God had so much to say to us ladies until I began going through Godís Word verse by verse, writing the different sections of Created to be His Help Meet. Many times as I read a passage, I would say to my husband, ďIím not going to include those verses in my book because if I do the ladies (of any religious group you can think of including my own) will not like my book or promote it.Ē My dear husband would say to me, ďIf God thought it was important enough to inspire it as part of his Word to us, then you should include it.Ē And so I would cringe and add one more controversial subject after another. ď

So in obedience to Titus 2, where God commands the aged women to teach the younger women, I have obeyed and given you the very best I can doó27 chapters, 280 pages, including letters from my readers, recounting counseling sessions, wisdom gleaned from my daughters, my own very personal stories, and, of course, the Word of God. It includes subjects as varied as planning meals to answering extremely intimate questions. ď

I highly recommend this book to every married woman!! There is a lot of food for thought. And prayerfully it may help you to give yourself as a gift to your husband!!

You can purchase Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl on sale this month for $10.95.


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