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Escape to God &
Empowered Living
By Jim Hohnberger

"Two of the most important books you will ever read outside the Bible.  They will change your life.  Every family should read them.  Every family will be blessed and challenged. "

ESCAPE TO GOD-by Jim Hohnberger. If you havenít read it Ė Itís a Must Read!! Have you ever read a book that just hit the nail on the head? Have you ever read a book that not only hit the nail on the head but did so concerning the gospel, making it so plain and practical. Showing clearly God's pursuit on your life and His deepest longings for you and desires! This book is one of the best books we've ever read explaining the gospel as pertaining to practical life. Jim, a homeschool dad, with sons now grown, has fruit to show for the life that he chose. Him and his wife and two sons left the busy rat race behind to search for genuine spirituality and a simpler life. His life was busied and pushed and stressed. His marriage was stale, his Christian experience was superficial, and he didn't now his children. Convinced that the pursuit of the "American Dream" was robbing them of an authentic walk with God, the Hohnbergers sold everything and set off for the Montana wilderness in search of an "Enoch experience". What this family found forever changed their lives. Yours could be next!! This book is not just an interesting story (though the kids loved his personal stories/testimonies). The principle of soul-surrender will inspire and challenge you to the very core of your being. If you're hungry for authentic Christian living and desperate for God to do a new thing in your life, you're ready for what this book has to say. You don't have to move to Montana to experience this. You can take the principles and apply them to your life right this minute. Through Jim & Sally Hohnberger's experience you will learn how less is more, how to make time for God and your family, and how to live every day, hour, and moment to the glory of God. A MUST READ!!! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! $13.95

ESCAPE TO GOD SERMON AUDIO TAPES - These are Audio tapes of Jim's Seminars on this subject! If you liked the book - you will love to listen to this inspiring tapes!! 4 tapes in a nice vinyl slipcase. $17.95
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EMPOWERED LIVING by Jim Hohnberger -  This is the book we've been waiting to come off the press!!  Were you blessed by Escape to God?  You will also love this book!  Jim guarantees that if you read this book and put into practice the relationship principles in this 12 week plan that you it will change your life, marriage, family and relationship to God.  Another thrilling volume of what the gospel can do for your life and family.  Each chapter uses a case study from the years of counseling that Jim & Sally Hohnberger have done.  They present the problem and then the solution.  Here are some of the chapters:  Batteries not Included; Crossing Over; Less Attempted More Achieved; Lost & Found; Kindling the Flame; Swing Time; Removing the Thorns; Independent Atoms; Time to be a Family; The Family Firm; Family Councils; Failure is not an Option and more.  A 300 page book that can change your life!!  Wonderful resource - share it together with your spouse and then your family.      Retails for $15.   This Month  $13.95
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