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  This study comes from the Pathfinder Honor Guide. For more info on Pathfinders see bottom of this page.  

This is a fantastic study for learning how to tie knots properly.  It gives hands something worthwhile to learn and do.  This is such a valuable study for girls or boys.  

What I like about the Pathfinder Honors is that they not only lend themselves so wonderfully to making a good unit study, they make great extra-curricular activities and studies a child can do more or less on their own - by finding their own information for the questions, and using the book referenced below will help the child find the answers they need. It will also step by step in glossy pictures show how to do hands on any needed project.  The book referenced below was hand-picked just for this course of study to make it easier for the child and parent.  

1. Define the following terms

a. Bight                    e. Overhand loop          h. Hitch
b. Running end         f. Turn                           i. Splice
c. Standing part        g. Bend                          j. Whipping
d. Underhand loop

2. Know how to care for rope

3. Describe the difference between laid rope and braided rope and list three uses of each.

4. Identify the following types of rope:
   a. Manila                c. Nylon
   b. Sisal                    d. Polypropylene

5. What are some advantages and disadvantages of synthetic rope?

6. Do the following to rope:
   a. Splice              b. Eye Splice          c. Back Splice
   d. Finish the end of a rope with a double crown, whipping, or a Matthew   Walker's Knot.

7.  Make a six-foot piece of three-strand twisted rope from native materials or twine.

8. From memory tie at least 20 of the following knots and know their common uses and limitations.
     Demonstrate how they are used.
    Anchor bend                                  Lark's head
    Bowline                                          Man harness knot
    Bowline on a bight                         Miller's knot
    Butterfly loop knot or Alpine        Packer's knot
    Butterfly Knot                               Pipe Hitch
    Carrick bend                                  Prusik Knot
    Cat's paw                                       Sheepshank
    Clove hitch                                     Sheet bend
    Constrictor knot                            Slip Knot
    Crown Knot                                   Slipped half hitch
    Double Bow                                   Slipped sheet bend
    Double sheet bend                        Square not
    Figure eight                                   Stevedore's knot
    Fisherman's bend                          Strangle knot
    Fisherman's loop                          Surgeon's knot
    Halter Hitch                                  Tautline hitch
    Hunter's bend                               Timber hitch
    Lariat or Bowstring knot              Two Half hitches

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework by Geoffrey Budworth

    Over 200 Typing Techniques with Step by Step Photographs; Includes Knots, bends, Hitches, Loops, and Whippings.  Knots for all pursuits from sailing and fishing to camping and climbing. Clear Photographs show in detail each stage of typing every not.  Fascinating facts about the history and origins of knots, from the Neolithic age when the reef knot, clove hitch and running noose were used, through to the most up to date knots and knotting techniques.  A Clear and indispensable guide to the variety of cord and ropes; their breaking strengths, construction and application.  Each knot is clearly identified by category from angling to boating, caving to climbing, general purpose to outdoor pursuits.  Over 1,200 photographs.  This is the best   book on Knot Tying we've seen.    ORDER ONE NOW  $14.97

This honor is from the Pathfinder Honor Guide.  Pathfinders is a club that is for both boys and girls ages 10 -16 or so - similar to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.  Pathfinders is a Christian Service Based organization for teens.  Their honors are wonderful for unit studies.    Find more information about Pathfinders at:


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