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Top Five!

1. Tape the mouthpiece of the ocarina with masking tape to keep the area free of paint and
2. Lightly sand the area to be painted with medium grit sandpaper, crisscrossing the scratches for
a better bond. Another method is to spray or paint the area to be painted with acrylic matte, let dry
before painting.
3. Draw your design or pattern with a Rub-a-Dub brand fabric marker on the surface, or sketch
with a pencil, or in paint with a fine brush.
4. Paint your design or pattern on the prepared surface with acrylic paint and a small brush. Allow
to dry completely.
5. Spray or paint your new art with a light coating of acrylic matte or gloss seal and let dry
completely. Remove tape.
6. Put your ocarina on the necklace cord and decorate the cord as desired.
Matte acrylic spray, sand paper, small brush, fine point detail brush, pencil, Rub-a-Dub marker,
masking tape (may be used to mask off designs), water (for cleaning brushes), various colors of
acrylic paint, gesso (if desired). All items may be purchased at craft and hobby stores.
1. Make changes to the design or fix errors by painting over when dry or apply gesso, a white
(black) acrylic, let dry, and repaint.
2. Do not place ocarina in area of high heat. It softens the paint.
3. Some colors need several coats (dry each coat) for desired effect.
4. Change and mix colors for variations or overpaint. (change or clean brush after each color)
5. Liquitex is an excellent water based acrylic paint. Krylon Matte spray is good also.
6. Experiment with different techniques.
7. Some blurring of permanent markers may occur when sealed but can also create a soft
cloudiness along the lines. (Rub-a-Dub will not blur)




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