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   Children enjoy using their hands to create things.  Origami is a fun way to use your hands.  There are so many creative things you make and share.  This Pathfinder honor really lends itself to unit study type educational quality.  Great ideas and a child will really learn a lot about this subject.  Beneath the Honor/Unit Study Ideas is our choice of the best reference book to use to teach this subject. 

What I like about the Pathfinder Honors is that they not only lend themselves so wonderfully to making a good unit study, they make great extra-curricular activities and studies a child can do more or less on their own - by finding their own information for the questions, and using the book referenced below will help the child find the answers they need. It will also step by step in glossy pictures show how to do hands on any needed project.  The book referenced below was hand-picked just for this course of study to make it easier for the child and parent. 


  1. What is Origami? Where did it come from? How was it used and developed?
  2. Identify the symbols for the following terms:
    a. Valley fold                   g. In front
    b. Mountain fold              h. Behind
    c. Cut                                i. Tuck in, open out, or apply force
    d. Existing crease             j.  fold over and over
    e. Hold here                      k. Turn model over
    f. Watch this spot
  3. Demonstrate folding the following folds:
    a. Reverse Fold                 d. Book fold
    b. Squash Fold                  e. Preliminary fold
    c. Petal fold                       f. Blintz fold

  4. Demonstrate folding the following bases:
    a. Bird base
    b. Waterbomb base
    c. Frog base
  5. Fold the following models:
    a. House                             d. Housefly
    b. Lotus blossom                e. Butterfly
    c. Cicada
  1. Choose four of the following models to fold or select similar models from Origami books:
    a. Jumping Frog                  e. Leaf
    b. Carrier Pigeon                 f. Walking Dog
    c. Sailboat                           g. Duck
    d. Hen
  2. Fold one model of your choice from memory from requirement 5 or 6.
  3. Illustrate a Bible story using several Origami models


   THE ORIGAMI HANDBOOK by Rick Beech – The classic art of paperfolding in step-by-step contemporary projects.  Origami Handbook teaches techniques, examples and projects to stimulate, entertain and delight.  Detailed advice on choosing appropriate paper, paperfolding techniques and base folds, and advanced techniques such as wet folding.  Over 80 origami projects to fold, including traditional designs, animals and flowers, toys, games, action models, party tricks, decorative pieces and modular origami.  A feature gallery of some of the most highly regarded contemporary origamists.  Fully illustrated, step-by-step, with over 1,500 color photographs.  256 glossy full color photograph filled pages.  Nice hardback

That is a fantastic resource for learning about this subject.  I like lots of pictures as I am a very visual person.  This is the best Origami book we’ve found. 

This honor is from the Pathfinder Honor Guide.  Pathfinders is a club that is for both boys and girls ages 10 -16 or so - similar to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.  Pathfinders is a Christian Service Based organization for teens.  Their honors are wonderful for unit studies.    Find more information about Pathfinders at: