Many times when children want to learn a subject (like Photography), you don’t know where to begin.  What is important to learn and what book is the best to get to teach those concepts? This is a Pathfinder Honor.  It makes a fantastic study for the child desiring to learn about Photography.  There is a reference to the best book we’ve found to teach this study at the bottom of this page.  This book will really enhance your study – plus vividly show how to photograph objects correctly. 

What I like about the Pathfinder Honors is that they not only lend themselves so wonderfully to making a good unit study, they make great extra-curricular activities and studies a child can do more or less on their own - by finding their own information for the questions, and using the book referenced below will help the child find the answers they need. It will also step by step in glossy pictures show how to do hands on any needed project.  The book referenced below was hand-picked just for this course of study to make it easier for the child and parent. 

1.  Explain the principles of camera construction, what the camera lens does, the effect of
Light on light sensitive film, and the action of developers.

2. What is meant by the “speed” of the film?  What does ASA/ISO mean?

  3. How are shutter speed, lens aperature, and film speed related?

4. Give the principal uses of photography.

5. Take print or slide pictures illustrating at least eight of the following techniques.  Use         
     comparison pictures for illustration:
   a. Framing
   b. Camera Steadiness
   c. Direction of lighting – front, backlighting, side
   d. Panning – background blurred with subject in focus
   e. Rule of thirds
   f. Angle – eye level, high and low angle
   g. Level horizon
   h. Distance from subject – fill the frame
   i. Use of leading lines
   j. Quality of light – shade, sunlight, and time of day
   k. Correct exposure – underexposed, overexposed, and correctly exposed.
   l. Use of flash – distance and reflective objects

  6. Do one of the following:

   a. Tell how black and white film is developed into negatives and how prints are made.
   b. Develop and print eight of your own pictures, explaining each step.


 PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY by John Freeman  - How to get the best picture every time.  A simple to follow practical manual devised by one of the world’s leading professional.  Featuring over 800 photographic examples and artworks designed to highlight and clarify every tip and technique.  How to use every type of equipment – from getting the best out of auto focus and instant cameras, to advanced and specialist models and accessories.  Special features on all the most popular photographic subjects, including children, holidays, people and portraits, landscape, skies, pets, water, the weather, and travel.  Get the results you want every time with complete confidence.  John Freeman is one of the world’s best known and highly regarded photographers, and the creator of many books.  This hardback has 256 pages.  The pages are glossy and color photo filled.  It makes  a great text-book for teaching this subject.  Fantastic book and great to use with this study.   Order now $14.97

This honor is from the Pathfinder Honor Guide.  Pathfinders is a club that is for both boys and girls ages 10 -16 or so - similar to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.  Pathfinders is a Christian Service Based organization for teens.  Their honors are wonderful for unit studies.    Find more information about Pathfinders at:

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