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The following is a small collection of links to good websites for historical information
lesson plans or unit studies, activities and more!!

NEW! Abraham Lincoln- A Lincoln website with lots of information
including the Lincoln's pets. The man who published the website is
a Lincoln researcher and is more than happy to research any questions
you may have about this President Lincoln . Here is the link-

President's Day - a collection of links to use for your study:

Abraham Lincoln - A theme unit based on the book "Just Like Abraham Lincoln".

President Lincoln - A Biographical Synopsis:

President Lincolon Shape Book Pattern:

President Washington Shape Book Pattern:

Presidents Game:

Links to President Day Activities:

Log Cabin Craft:

Make a Log Cabin from Pretzels and Chocolate Icing:

Go on a Tour and take a Quiz to see what you know about President Lincoln:

George Washington on Table Manners:

George Washington's Mount Vernon:

Educational Virtual Museum of Presidents Day (activities and lots of stuff):

President's Day - a little history and lots of links - great site:

President's Day links to activities and resources to make this day special:

Presidents of the United States:

United States President Drill:

Hall of Presidents:


LITERATURE LIST - good books to read this PRESIDENT'S DAY!!

Abraham Lincoln by D'Aulaire
George Washington by D'Aulaire
Abe Lincoln, the Young Years by Keith Brandt
Young Abe Lincoln : the frontier days  by Cheryl Harness
Abe Lincoln and the muddy pig  by Steven Krensky
Just a few words, Mr. Lincoln : the story of the Gettysburg Address   by Jean Fritz
A picture book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler
Abe Lincoln's hat by Martha Brenner
Abraham Lincoln, by James Daugherty
My first Presidents' Day book  by Aileen Fisher
Lincoln's birthday  by Dennis Fradin
Lincoln : a photobiography by Russell Freedman

True stories about Abraham Lincoln  by Ruth Gross
Abe Lincoln goes to Washington by Cheryl Harness
Abe Lincoln's birthday by Wilma Pitchford Hays
Abraham Lincoln by Clara Ingram Judson
The story of the election of Abraham Lincoln by Zackary Kent
If you grew up with Abraham Lincoln by Ann McGovern
Abe Lincoln grows up by Carl Sandburg
Abe Lincoln, frontier boy : stories children can read by Augusta Stevenson   Childhood of Famous American
Abe Lincoln remembers  by Ann Turner
Abraham Lincoln : a photo-illustrated biography  by Usel
Just like Abraham Lincoln  by Bernard Waber
If you grew up with George Washington by Ruth Gross
Mount Vernon   by Catherine Reef.
George Washington  by Cheryl Harness
The real book about George Washington; illustrated by Elinore Blaisdell and authored by Harold Coy
George Washington : a photo-illustrated biography by T.M. Usel
Georgisms : the 110 rules George Washington wrote when he was 14 and lived by all his life by George Washington
George Washington, father of our country : a first biography  by David Adler
A picture book of George Washington by David Adler
Washington's Birthday by Clyde Bulla
Things to make and do for George Washington's birthday by Michael Cooper
The adventures of George Washington by Margaret Davidson
Washington's Birthday by Dennis Fradin
George Washington's mother by Jean Fritz
George Washington : a picture book biography  by James Giblin
George Washington's birthdays by Wilma Pitchford Hays
Meet George Washington  by Joan Heilbroner
George Washington by Clara Ingram Judson
George Washington, the man who would not be king by Stephen Krensky
Presidents Day  by Dianne M. MacMillan
The story of George Washington by May McNeer
Let's celebrate Presidents' Day  by Peter and Connie Roop
My first Presidents' Day book  by Aileen Fisher
Presidents' day activities  edited by Pamela Friedman

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