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By Sam Campbell



We are so happy that these wonderful nature books are back in print after many years . These are  "read just one more chapter" books that you or your child won't want to put down till it is read through.

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A little about the author....

Sam Campbell (1895-1962) has been cited the finest ever in writing about nature  , forest , and wildlife . Sam , the genial "philosopher of the forest", was known to more families and young people than any other author-lecturer. Hundreds of schools and audiences demanded his return year after year.


Volume 1
How's Inky

  "Inky the porcupine - I hardly know whether to bless him or curse him!" the author writes. "Whichever I do , he won't care a flick of his tail ! He is so exasperatingly self-sufficient , so wholly complacent , he will just waddle away , climb a tree , and look down at me , saying in his most gracious grunts: 'You take things too seriously , Sammy , old boy. Relax ! Come on up and eat some bark !'"

Join Sam and his peculiar pet for a grand mixture of troubles and pleasures You'll discover why it takes a lot of quill power to put down How's Inky?


Volume 2

Too Much Salt and Pepper

   Life at the Campbells' summer cabin is peaceful and tranquil - well some of the time.  Enter two rambunctious porcupines named Salt & Pepper and things change quick. Share the joys  , adventures and hilarious mischief these little pincushions and the other forest friends create at the author's island home. Too much Salt and Pepper ill prick your heart as you see the warm wisdom of nature Mr. Campbell reveals in every chapter.



Volume 3

Eeny , Meeny Miney , Mo and Still Mo

   Red Squirrels are by nature inquisitive and rambunctious , reason enogh to think twice before adopting one - not to mention five ! But that is just what happens to Sam and Giny Campbell at their wilderness island home. Eeny , Meeny , Miney , Mo ... and still Mo will win your heart with their irresistible antics and crazy capers . All have their own personalities  , and you'll have a wonderful time discovering the insight each one has for you. Now sit back in your chair , grab a bag of peanuts , and join the Campbells as they go a little nuts raising these forest friends.



Volume 4
A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too

     Somewhere east of sunset and somewhere west of dawn is Sanctuary Lake , a wilderness home Sam and Giny Campbell seek in their old but faithful birch canoe , "Buddie". Dip your paddle into the cool waters of imagination and journey into the far-flung world of the fur-trading voyageur. A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too will delight you with the wildlife friendships and revelations of the north woods land of distant shores where there are no roads  , no towns , no manmade intrusions - a land where peace lives on.



Volume 5
On Wings of Cheer

   On Wings of Cheer takes the reader again to the sanctuary in the north woods of Wisconsin. As the story opens , the country is under the enchantment of fall haze and dazzingly brilliant foliage . It's unseasonably warm and the Purple Finches  , Robins  and Sparrows are singing like it is spring instead of fall . Here we catch our glimpse of clever Cheer , the remarkable friendly Red-winged Blackbird , who has delayed his migratory flight to enjoy Sanctuary hospitality. Follow the Campbell's many exciting adventures through a full year , from the excitement  of Old Charley (a five hundred pound too friendly bear) , to a grand Christmas in the woods and trouble crossing broken ice in the spring.



Volume 6
Moose Country

    The Mysterious wilderness has always held an attraction for boys and girls of all ages , and what a wilderness is to be found in Sam Cambell's Moose Country ! Hi-Bub , a young , inquisitive boy , joins the Campbells for a journey to Sanctuary Lake in Canada's North Country , where a wonderful world of animals and adventure awaits. The author's talent for descriptive writing makes every page blossom with the sights ,  sounds  ,  and scents of God's marvelous creation. Take this wilderness walk and discover with Hi-Bub the intrigue of animal (and sometimes human) behavior.



Volume 7
The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake

   The Secrets of Somewhere Lake has been sighted as the best yet! Sam and Giny have no more than just said  ,  "No baby animals this year " than fate dooms it. The Campbells have no choice but to 'adopt' in rapid succession : Zipper ,  a half starved fawn , Zowie ,  a baby fox ,  Zanie , a taffy-colored puppy,  and Zinnia ,  a tiny skunk ! Enjoy the adventures with Sam as the family continues to grow when seven young beavers are literally dumped into his lap , and then later Sam's 'buck fever' experience when at last he finds the mountain lion.



Volume 8
Loony Coon

   Raccoons are notorious for their mischief and 'streetwise' animal antics , but seldom has there been a raccoon that could match the career of Loony Coon . Life for the otters , geese , deer , skunks , and porcupines of the Campbells' wilderness home was always unpredictable when this bundle of energy was in town. So join the fun , spills , and porcupine quills - the misadventures of Loony Coon - told in the wonderful Sam Campbell style.



Volume 9
Fiddlesticks and Freckles

   Fiddlesticks and Freckles carries you away into the Wisconsin wilderness where the Campbell family adopts two orphan fawns. You will meet a host of forest friends in an exciting array of adventures - some hilarious , others sad. Throughout , the author shares secret lessons revealed through God's natural world.



Volume 10
Beloved Rascals

   Few people can flush out the personalities of wild animals as Sam Campbell. In Beloved Rascals the author reveals a knack for making you gasp at the ornery ways of the more cantankerous members of his wilderness neighborhood. At the same time  , you will be touched with the same infectious love Sam has for all these forest friends . There's Midnight  , the belligerent old crow , Carajou , the wolverine , Cominsky , the raccoon , and many other players in Sanctuary Lake's wildlife theater.



Volume 11
Sweet Sue's Adventures

   Sam Campbell's Forest Life books are known and loved by both children and adults. Now the "Philosopher of the Forest " has written Sweet Sue's Adventures for the younger children who love animals and the outdoors. In clear and concise language for the beginning reader , the author tells why a skunk behaves as he does , where he lives , what he eats  , and how he reacts to other forest animals. Come with Sam once again as he hikes and finds more wildlife adventures.



Volume 12
Calamity Jane

  Calamity Jane , a large raccoon ready to deliver four little ones  , is the newest forest friend. See how she raises them , teaches them the ways of the forest , how to protect themselves  , and all the things necessary to life in their world. Come and watch as Calamity Jane captured by hunters , wins their affections , and is finally set free to join her little ones. You will find the reading of Sam campbell books a special treat.


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