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Your Story Hour's "Come Alive" Bible Series Album 1-5

   These wonderful , fully-dramatized recordings  bring the Bible to life by realistically portraying your favorite Old & New Testament stories. The famous men & women of the bible become real, flesh and blood people who laugh , cry, struggle and succeed. Designed for use by families of all Christrian faiths, these recordings are non-doctrinal and inter-faith in nature.  The Greatest need in our world today is helping children develop good characters by opening their minds to the works of the greatest book ever written---- the Bible!

Complete with sound effects and music* Enacted by a professional cast*
Exciting , educational, and entertaining!

~In Album #1~

~Adam and Eve-Story of creation & man's fall
~Cain and Abel-World's first murderer
~Noah-The man who believed what God said part 1 & 2
~The Temple Tower-Tower of Babel
~The Call of Abraham-God calls Abraham
~The Three Strangers-Heavenly messengers visit Abraham
~Sodom & Gomorrah
~The Supreme Test-Abraham & Isaac
~A Strange Romance-Isaac marries Rebekah
~The Unlike Twins-Jacob & Esau
~The Cheating Twin-Jacob story
~The Mystery Of The Disappearing Idols- Rachel steals Laban's idols
~The Case Of The Wrestling Twin-Jacob struggles with an angel
~The Coat of Many Colors-Joseph's special coat
~Mrs. Potiphar & The Dungeon-Joseph's imprisonment
~The King's Butler & Baker-Joseph interprets dreams
~The King & The Slave-Joseph made Prime Minister of Egypt
~The Unreasonable Prime Minister-Joseph's brothers go to buy food in Egypt
~The Governor's Mysterious Feast-Joseph entertains his brothers
~The Long Delayed Reunion-Joseph reunited with his father
~A Deliverer Is Born-Moses
~Moses Fulfills His Destiny-Moses receives assignment from God
~The King With The Heart Of Stone-Plagues fall on Egypt
~Miracles By The Sea-Red Sea divided
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~In Album #2~

~Dangers in the Desert- Israelites face dangers
~The Ten Commandments-Moses at Sinai
~Miriam The Great - Moses' sister becomes jealous
~The Man of Patience - Moses not allowed into Promised Land
~The Unfaithful Prophet part 1- Baalam employed to curse Israel
~The Unfaithful Prophet part 2-Baalam's plans defeated
~The Thief Who Defeated An Army- Achan
~The Longest Day in History-When the sun stood still
~Conquering Canaan- Joshua's leadership in establishing Israel
~Mighty Gideon- Gideon defeats the Midianites
~The Champion of Champions- Samson
~The Story of Ruth
~The Wayward Sons -Eli's wicked sons
~The Yougest Priest- Samuel's ministry as a child
~Two Battles at Aphek- Ark of the covenant captured
~The Tall , Strong and Handsome Young Man- Saul chosen as king
~Saul Saves a City- Saul battles the Ammonites
~The Crown Prince on a Secret Mission - Jonathan
~The Boy and the Giant- David & Goliath
~The Deadly Plot- Saul tries to kill David
~The Sword of Goliath- David seeks Samuel's help
~David Escapes - David escapes from Saul
~King Saul & a Cave- David spares Saul's life
~A Wicked Rich Man-Nabel
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~In Album # 3~

~Midnight on the Hill of Hachilah/David Seeks A Home-Loyalty to Saul/David goes to Philistia
~The Battle og Gilboa-Witch of Endor
~Surprise Attack-David Seeks revenge for Ziklag
~The Coronation -David made king
~A Tunnel To Success-David captures Jerusalem
~The King & the Ark/The Crippled Prince-David/Mephibosheth
~A Prophecy Fulfilled- David avenges national insult
~David's Great Sin & His Repentance-David and Bathsheba
~Absalom , The Rebellious Prince (part 1)-Conspiracy against David
~Absalom , The Rebellious Prince (part 2)-Defeat & Death of Absalom
~A Victory Turns to Mourning/The Hermit & the King-David mourns Absalom/Parable of life
~The Fourth Son of David-Adonijah tries to usurp the throne
~The Last Days of David/The Three Transgressors-Death of david/Adonijah , Joab and Shimei
~The Wise King- Solomon
~The Kingdom Divided-Solomon's kingdom divided
~And Then It Rained-Ahab & Elijah
~The Flying Chariot-Elijah taken to Heaven
~The Women of Shunem-Elisha brings child back to life
~Captive Maid-Naaman healed of leprosy
~The Invisible Army-Elisha captures Syrian army
~The Mystery of the Disappearing Army-Syrian army beseiges Samaria
~The Mystery of The Backward Moving Sun-Isaiah & King Hezekiah
~The New Queen- Esther
~The Forgotten Reward- Haman plots Mordecai's death
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~In Album # 4~

~The Daring Act- Esther saves her people
~The Land of Uz- Job tested for faithfulness
~The Charming Prince- Nebuchadnezzar becomes king
~The Four Friends -Daniel and his friends
~In the King's Court- Daniel interprets king's dream
~The Fiery Affair at Dura- Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego thrown into fiery furnace
~Seven Years a Beast- Nebuchadnezzar forsakes God
~The Bloodless Hand- Belshazzar's impious feast
~The Lions and the Villians-Daniel in the lion's den
~The Man Who Ran From God- Jonah & the whale
~Mary of Nazareth-Angel appears to Mary
~Born Under  A Star-Birth of Jesus
~The King Grows Up- Jesus' boyhood
~A Voice in the Desert- John the Baptist; Jesus baptism
~Journey to Jerusalem- First cleansing of the temple; Nicodemus
~Happiness in Galilee-Miracles of Jesus
~Jesus the Healer- Jesus heals the leper & paralytic
~Matthew's Magnificent Party- Matthew becomes Disciple
~Troubled Waters-Jesus heals on Sabbath
~The Road to Happiness- Ordination of 12 disciples; healing of Roman officer's servant
~The Greatest Miracle- Widow's son resurrected; Simon's feast; demon cast out
~Prisoner in  a Desert Dungeon-Death of John the Baptist
~Stormy Times -Jesus calms storm; two demoniacs; Jairus' daughter resurrected
~A Boy's Amazing Lunch/A Fisherman Who Couldn't Swim-Jesus feeds the 5,000 people/Peter walks on water
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~In Album #5~

~The Power of a Mother's Faith- Jesus & Phoenician woman;Feeds 4,000 people
~The Great Secret- Mount of Transfiguration;Temple tax
~Encounters in Jerusalem- Religious leaders try to trap Jesus
~The Man Who Lived Twice- Lazarus is resurrected
~Citizens of Heaven- Jesus relates to children; heals sick; tests young ruler
~Jesus and Mr.Too Short/Cheers For the King-Zacchaeus/Jesus' triumphal entry
~The Great Clash-Second cleansing of temple
~A Night to Remember- The last supper
~Betrayed- Night in Gethsemane
~The Trial -Jesus on trial
~The Road to Skull Hill - Crucifixion
~A Promise to Keep-Resurrection & ascension of Jesus
~The Strange Case of Blind Bart-Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus
~The Believers- Early Christian believers
~The Cheaters- Ananias & Sapphira
~The First Christian Martyr- Stephen is Stoned
~Saul of Tarsus- Saul converted
~Dangers at Damascus- Saul regains sight
~The Eloquent King - Peter delivered from prison
~The Man Who Turned Back-John Mark
~At Philippi- Paul & Silas start ministry
~The Aged Paul Shipwrecked- Shipwreck on way to Rome
~The Runaway Slave- Paul converts Onesimus
~Paul & Nero-Paul's trial
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Your Story Hour's Heritage of Our Country Series Album 6 & 7
  America was built by our forefathers who possessed courage , dedication ,good character , and faith. This collection of fully-dramatized stories illustrates these attributes in action-packed stories about great people , some well known and others less celebrated . Your child will love this collection of adventures taken from the annals of history.

~In Album # 6~

~Beyond the Horizon-Columbus plans for voyage (part1)
~The Disappearing Light-Hardships & perils for Columbus (part2)
~Mutiny of Alonzo- Columbus  (part 3)
~Columbus in Chains- Columbus (part 4)
~Persecuted & Betrayed-Early pilgrims(part1)
~The First Thanksgiving-Early pilgrims (part2)
~The Spirit of the Stars & Stripes-Story of the flag of the United States
~The Runaway Boy- Benjamin Franklin
~America's Arch Hero Makes a Speech- Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg
~Billy Scott Faces The Firing Squad- A Lincoln story
~Yellow Jack, The Giant Killer of Men-Dr. Walter Reed discovers the cause of Yellow Fever
~Fury in Pettycoats-One of America's first woman lawyers
~Yankee Woman-Booker T. Washington (part 1)
~Yankee Woman-Booker T. Washington (part 2)
~Thomas Edison-Tribute to Edison's mother
~Edward Bok Story-Famous American
~Alexander Graham Bell-Invention of telephone ( part 1)
~Alexander Graham Bell-Invention of telephone ( part 2)
~Bicycles & Kites-Story of the Wright Brothers (part 1 )
~Partners in Flight -Story of the Wright Brothers (part 2)
~Man Without a Country-Story of Philip Nolan
~The Spirit of St. Louis-Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic
~Little Bad Legs-Glen Cunningham Story
~The Ugly Ducking of Baseball- Story of shortstop , Marty Marion
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~In Album # 7~

~The Girl General-Joan of Arc (part 1)
~Joan & the Dwarf-Joan of Arc (part 2)
~The Valiant Stepmother-John Bunyan story
~Pilgrim's Progress -Christian's walk through life
~The Boy Becomes the Man - Albert Schweitzer (part 1 )
~Oganga's Home - Albert Schweitzer (part 2)
~The Changed Life -George Mueller (part 1)
~Man of Faith- George Mueller (part 2)
~The Angel of Crimea -Florence Nightingale
~The Man That Conquered Pain-Discovery of anesthesia
~Two Girls in One -Clara Barton (part 1)
~Angel of Mercy - Clara Barton (part 2
~Solving the Riddle -Louis Pasteur (part 1)
~Man Against Microbe - Louis Pasteur ( part 2)
~Mad Dogs- Louis Pasteur ( part 3)
~The Strange Case of Moody, Watch & Spy-Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell & his dog team
~Dwight L. Moody , God's Man ( part 1)-boyhood
~Dwight L. Moody , God's Man ( part 2)-Early years of an evangelist
~Dwight L. Moody , God's Man ( part 3)-Moody's preaching and later years
~Honest John- John Wanamaker-Honesty in business pays
~Carver's George-George W. Carver (part 1)
~Why the Paenut? George W. Carver (part 2)
~Suicide Mission-Keith Argraves (part 1)
~Prisoners of War- Keith Argraves  (part 2)
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Your Story Hour's Adventures in Life Series Album 8-11

   These fully-dramatized recordings ,true to life, character-building adventures exemplify the high moral values so necessary for successful living. Your child will not easily forget the impression made and the lessons learned as they listen to these exciting stories, enabling them to build a foundation of spiritual sensitivity , high achievement, and responsible citizenship. Adventures in Life will capture the imagination and impart values to children of all ages.

~In Album 8~

~The Strangest Statement/To Tell the Truth-A boy's witness for Christ/Truthfulness
~Nancy Vogue's Den of Thieves/The Pony Express-Honesty/Story of the pony express
~Philip's Great Adventure-Honesty & courage
~Aunt Serena's Secret/Three Empty Sacks- Concern for others/The use of talents
~John Huddleston & His Mule/Philip Finds $1,000-Persistance/Honesty
~When God Said "Wait a While"/Billy's Broken Crutch-God's answer to prayer/Answered prayer
~The Long Road From Hong Kong To Chinatown, USA-Conversion
~Adoniram Judson-Conversion of a young man
~Rena/Prayer Planks-Blind Girl recovers sight/Prayer answered
~Orphan Arthur -Love & loyalty of two orphans
~Nip & Tuck-God's  watchful care
~The False Queen-Courtesy
~Inasmuch/A Nickel's Worth of Honesty-Treating people as you would like to be treated/Honesty pays
~Silas' Investment-Reward in helping educate a young girl
~The Hidden Money(part 1)- Poverty's discipline
~The Hidden Money(part 2)- Conversion
~Strangers in The Night- God's care for His children
~Greg & The Runaway Tractor - Obedience
~What Joe Learned - Obedience
~After Twenty Years- Right & wrong character developement
~Narcissa Prentiss- Pioneer days among Indians
~Little Dan & Big Abe- Lincoln teaches  a boy forgiveness
~The Dying Hero- Civil War veteran tells his experiences
~Tom & Skip/ The Wild Dog - Consideration for parents/Making friends
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~In Album #9~

~Uncle Jake- Kindly old man demonstrates faith
~The Stolen Book- Answered prayer
~Twentieth Century Hank vs. Medieval Mom-Generation gap
~Three Week's Notice - Keeping promises
~To Kill the Devil - Returning good for evil
~One Day at a Time - Marcie learns that too many calories equals too many pounds
~The Perfect Valentine - Thoughtfulness of senior citizens
~Footprints - Choosing your friends
~Chicken Charlie - Mistaken judgement
~Coal Oil Johnny - Deceitfulness of riches
~The Bluest Ribbon - Faithfulness rewarded
~Stolen Catcher's Mitt - Honesty
~Pine Trees & Pie Dough - Self reliance
~A Piece of String - Gossip & mistaken judgement
~Pa & the Violin - Overcoming difficulties
~Roses & Bluebells - Mother's Day; value of little things
~Polio/ See My Hands - Overcoming handicaps/Love in action
~Land of the Free - An immigrant's frustation in becoming a citizen
~Lone Way/ Why Lennie? -Temperance
~Too Soon/ Finders , Keepers - Obedience/ Honesty
~Mr. Touey/The Miller & The Indians - Regard for others/ Kindness rewarded
~Balto's Race of Life & Death/ Jon Goes Seal Hunting - Brave faitful dog/ Choosing life's occupation
~Runaway Christmas/ Irving & the Besetting Sin - Home is more than a house/ Price of disobedience
~The Little Lost Cat/ Ranger Learns Too Late - The cat that saved the train/ Playing with sin
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~In Album #10~

~High Tide - Obedience
~Buddies For Keeps - Honesty & true friendship
~Ellen's Cross-Road - Resisting temptation to cheat
~For His Own Good - Respect for others
~Duke - Kindness to pets
~Tanni , The Deer -Principles of freedom
~The Biggest Surprise/Red Skinned Angels - Greed/God's Care
~The Cover Up/ When Grandpa Turned Thirteen- One lie leads to another/ Learning obedience
~The Private Life of My Dog Bingo - Loyalty of a dog
~Little King - A faithful dog
~Two Sides / Pete & the Pumpkin Patch - Things are not always as they seem/ Concern for others
~Too Smart/ Major Barkus -Cheating/ Little dog becomes hero
~Thou Shalt Not Want - Faith & prayer rewarded at Christmas
~The Two Jimmies - Orphan boy finds new home at Christmas time
~Miss Bossy/ Big Leaguer - Overbearing trait corrected/ Courtesy
~The Old Church in the Meadow -Romantic story of an old church & its members
~The Gift of the Magi - Christmas Story
~A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens classic
~Teenage Dupe - Stewardship & dishonesty
~Nancy Flies - God's watchful care
~The Measuring Rod - Revealing true motives
~One Day Difference/ Valerie's Valentine - Faithfulness / Love for parents
~Courage Plus Friendship/Queer Moccasins - Young girl's courage / Bravery & courage
~Caracooche / Captain Smith -Kindness saves a life / American explorer
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~In Album #11~

~Donna's Uninvited Guest - Learning respect for the elderly
~No Greater Love - Faithfulness & Bravery
~The Fierce Protector /Greyfriar's Bobby - God provides protection / faithfulness of a dog
~Maggie & the Big Yellow Dog / Gunga & the Tiger - God's protection / Indian boy's courage
~Tested -Resisting temptation to be dishonest
~Triangle Tangle - Dishonesty
~Mary Jones & Her Bible / The Eleventh Commandment - A childs love for the Bible / Christian courtesy
~Sharon's Closet / Unexpected Caller -Neatness & thrift / standing for right
~The Cow & the Senator - An orphan boy makes good
~Rambuctious Doberman - Faithful dog
~Christmas Hearts at Easter -Unselfish love
~Farmer Whipple , Bachelor - Romantic poem dramatized
~The Crooked Road - Teenage peer pressure
~The Long Train Ride - God's care for two war orphans
~A Christmas Trilogy: The Fantastic Christmas of 1917/ Sam & the Christmas Angels /Lori's "Just For Love"-
World war 1 Christmas story /Farm family's Christmas / Little girl melts two cold hearts
~A Christmas Story- Dr. Brown's Christmas party
~The Hidden Treasure - What a treasure is and where to hide it
~What Happened to Danny -Teenage alcohol addiction
~Rich Man ,Poor Man ,Beggar Man ,Thief -Shoplifting
~Sow Seeds of Kindness - Kindness saves family from death
~Trouble With Thieves - Yielding to temptation
~Fool's Gold - Obedience & Honesty
~Judy's True Friend - Pressure to conform by cheating
~Temptation / Phillip Learns a Lesson - Keeping a promise / Gambling , stealing & wrong associates
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